△ inherited with the mature technology of CSSC Haizhuang Windpower's marine high-speed transmission chain,

   ensuring the stability and reliability of transmission system;

△ double bearing support enhances the bearing capacity, 

    reduces the impact of additional load to wind turbine on the gearbox;

△ gearbox and generator adopt design of easily disassembled and integrated,

    with compact structure, high reliability and low average cost;

△ high-speed gearbox design with low-speed damping system,

    with compact structure, high reliability and high power density;

△ inherited with mature engine room layout design of 5.X series wind turbines,

     with good anti-corrosion ability and strong maintainability.

Progressiveness &Friendliness

△ with application of independent pitch technology, reducing the load of the wind turbines 

    while absorbing more wind energy, which is economical;

△ customized offshore wind turbines with low cost, ensuring high efficiency, 

    high power generation and high economy;

△ customized load design, blade with light weight, 

    achieving the optimal matching of blade and wind turbine power;

△ with the application of intelligent technology and big data technology.

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