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EPC Service
  Advantages of EPC Services
1.Relying on the CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation) as a strong back, providing financial and technical support.
2.With the advantage of effectively integrating manufacturers and EPC, providing overall solutions
3.With steel-concrete tower design and construction capabilities, and rich experience in steel-concrete tower hoisting construction.
4.Established good cooperative relationship with major domestic wind power design institutes (such as Central South Institute, Xinjiang Electric Power Institute, East China Institute, West Exploration Institute, Guiyang Institute, etc.)
5.As for new energy wind power and photovoltaic projects in different regions (mountains, plains, Gobi, etc.), rationally formulate general contracting plans for project construction, provide technical design services for the entire project process and high-quality project construction. Provide a full range of services for power engineering from project application, program implementation, feasibility study, and general contracting.
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