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Offshore Wind Power Solutions
Resource Assessment  
In order to better assist the efficient site selection &operation and maintenance management of wind farms, make the investment and development of wind farms being “visible and tangible”. The LiGa wind resource assessment platform built by CSSC Haizhuang Windpower combines big data technology and geographic information technology (GIS) to escort the site selection and operation of wind farms.
The resource assessment of offshore wind farms needs to fully consider the influence of tropical cyclones, analyze wind speed, atmospheric stability and other factors according to date from the site wind tower, and use intelligent optimization algorithms to determine the optimal wind turbines layout scheme that meets the constraints and optimization goals of wind farm, reduce the influence of wake current, and decrease the length of submarine cables between wind turbines. So as to decline the investment of supporting projects and the loss of on-site power transmission and transformation, cut down the operation and maintenance cost, and improve the project profitability. In accordance with the principle of economical and intensive sea use, the sea-related area of wind farm shall be minimized within the scope of technical feasibility.
Resource Assessment
Customized Exploitation
Integrated Design
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