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  Introduction of Steel-Concrete Tower
Coping with the low wind speed and high shear area in China, CSSC Haizhuang Windpower specially designed a "segmented" steel-concrete tower, which greatly reduces the conflict between the height increase and construction cost of ordinary steel towers, with good power generation benefits. The steel-concrete tower adopts a modular design and matches fans of various brands and types. By change the proportion of steel and concrete according to the market, the economy can be maximized.

Steel-concrete tower of CSSC Haizhuang Windpower consists of two parts, the upper part is a traditional steel tower, and the lower part is a concrete tower. Which is connected by multiple single-section tower, each single-section tower composed of eight prefabricated panels. The concrete tower section is tensioned with steel strands from the top of the transition section to the foundation. The steel tower and the transition section are connected by anchor bolts.
  Design and Production Process
The dynamic characteristics of the steel-concrete tower provide stronger rigid support for the wind turbines. Which is not easy to deform, and does not need to adjust the control strategy of the unit. Ensuring the safe operation of the wind turbines high above the ground.
  Installation, Transportation and Maintenance
The difficulty of transportation is considered while designing the steel-concrete tower. The volume and dimensions of each component fully meet the transportation requirements of China's highways, the prefabricated components of the steel-concrete tower are transported in sections and do not require super-large trucks.
Up to now, the tower with this design has accumulated more than 1,500 units worldwide. Which is a high-reliability product. The engineering arrangement of the assembly line ensures the accuracy of installation and saves installation time and various costs more efficiently. No special equipment is required for the hoisting of concrete towers and steel towers.
Compared with the steel structure tower, the steel-concrete tower almost needs no maintenance. The body of the tower with a large internal space. The electrical cabinets at the bottom of the tower can be placed inside the tower, and sufficient working distance and electrical safety distance between the cabinets ensured to facilitate the overhaul and maintenance of the electrical equipment .
  Practical Project
Recently, China Haizhuang Windpower’s high-tower projects in Jiangsu Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province and other regions have a total capacity of 680,000 kilowatts, and more than 270 units are under construction, the heights of hub include 120/140/160 meters for these steel-concrete towers.
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