◆  Introduction of the System Integration

In response to strategic goal of “30.60 emission peak, carbon neutrality”, exploring innovative path of in-depth energy conservation and emission reduction, and providing safeguard measures for green development and energy transformation. CSSC Haizhuang Windpower actively responded to national policies and shifted from the energy supply side to the energy demand side. Put forward the idea of energy system integration based on terminal demand and energy saving and emission reduction. Considering the mutual substitution and stepped utilization of different types of energy are important measure to solve the problems of energy structure, energy utilization efficiency, energy consumption, carbon emission etc.

◆  The System Integration Service    

The system integration is mainly based on new energy, which is able to provide services in the fields of comprehensive energy, carbon neutral, intelligent microgrid, wind power to produce green hydrogen, marine ranching, energy island. Mainly including: power supply, gas supply, heating, cooling, energy-saving service, distributed energy, energy storage, microgrid, electrified transportation, charging pile, etc.

The system integration service comprises these new energy power generation projects, including distributed photovoltaic, decentralized wind power, etc. Carry out energy storage and multi-energy complementary projects to realize the source-grid-load-storage integration. Rely on the new energy power generation and energy efficiency improvement to develop carbon asset trading, green certificate trading and so forth. Based on the comprehensive energy service platform to promote energy data and information services. Provide comprehensive energy system solutions for high energy-consuming enterprises, medical industry, public construction, parks, data centers, industrial mining enterprises, etc.

The comprehensive energy service can not only promote the clean energy consumption, boost the development of low-carbon energy, assist to solve problems of fossil fuel pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but also increase the efficiency of terminal energy consumption, reduce energy costs. As well as promote the overall energy efficiency of society. Developing comprehensive energy is an important way to achieve the goal of “carbon emissions peak, carbon neutrality”.

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