Huaneng Fuyuan Wenbishan Wind Farm Project in Yunnan Province
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Reason for listing: This is the first wind farm with H111-2.0MW wind turbines in batch, H111 wind model is the world’s largest wind swept area per kilowatt in 2013, creating more electric capacity for customers in three types of small wind areas.

1.1 (Basic Information)

Terrain: Mountain region

Altitude: 2400-2605 meters

The capacity of the project is 40MW, adopted 20 sets of H111-2.0MW wind turbines. 

Unit configuration: Haizhuang main control system + Hewang frequency converter + Huayu pitch and + Chongtong blade

1.2 Performance of the Project

The hoisting of the first unit of the project was started on July 23,2014, and the hoisting of the whole site was completed on November 21,2014. The power on commissioning of the unit was started on September 26,2014, and all units were connected to the grid on November 27,2014. In the project, all the staff worked hard in the front line with the principle of service first, regardless of difficulties, showed good professional quality and high technical ability, successfully completed all the tasks and leave a very good impression to the owner.

1.3 Awards

The“first prize” of the annual superior wind farm in 2015, and the “AAA” superior wind farm of power industry in 2018.

The average availability rate was 99.52% in year 2018, bringing 430 million kWh and 3161 equivalent hours to owner. And another 444 million kWh in year 2019, with the availability rate up to 98.89%.

Wenbishanphase Ⅱ project was selected as the national5A wind farm in year 2018.

Wenbishanphase Ⅲ project won the Award of China Power Quality Engineering in year 2018

Wenbishanphase Ⅰ project was selected as a national 3A wind farm in year 2019.

Wenbishanphase Ⅱ project was selected as the national5A wind farm in year 2019.

1.4 Mature 2MW Platform Products

In 2007,CSSC Haizhuang Windpower launched 2.0MW units, forming a series of models including H87-2MW, H93-2MW, H102-2MW and H12X-2MW. HZ111/2000L in GuohuaJingxia project is the mature star model. The megawatt high-power wind turbine designed according to China’s wind energy resources can be used in harsh environment such as snow, ice, sand, dust and low concentration salt fog.

1.5 Operation Performance

1.5.1 Monitoring Interface of Wind Farm Booster Station



1.5.2 Wind Turbines Operation Data

Wind Turbines


Power Generated

Availability Rate

Average Wind Speed

Equivalent Hours




















1.5.3 Unit Power Curve

With excellent power curve higher than expectation.

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