Huaneng Rudong Baxianjiao Offshore Project
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1 Basic Introduction

Huaneng Rudong Baxianjiao Offshore Wind Power Project is located in the Rudong sea area of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, with a total installed capacity of 300MW and a total of 70 wind turbines, with three types of wind turbines including 4 MW, 4.2 MW and 5 MW. The installation of 5MW offshore wind turbines was the first batch application of domestic 5MW at that time. The project officially started construction in April 2016 and fully put into operation on September 30, 2017. The 5MW wind turbine with grid connected was the first model to complete the offshore low voltage ride through test in China, and the first wind turbine to obtain design certification and type approval, the first offshore wind turbine with independent intellectual property rights and mass production.


2 Operation Performance


Annual Average Availability

Equivalent Hours

Power Generation Capacity/Kwh




647 million




484 million




492 million


3 Typical Points

3.1 Largest Offshore Project in A Single Phase

The project is the first offshore wind farm of Huaneng Group, created a number of industry records. It broke the record of the longest offshore distance in China, the largest single-unit capacity in Asia, the largest single-unit capacity of domestic 5MW-class models, and the H171-5MW’s wind rotor diameter was the largest in the world at that time,and many other groundbreaking records.

3.2 The Longest Operating Record of Domestic5MW Platform or Above

In 2009, CSSC Haizhuang Windpower established the only National Offshore Wind Power Engineering Technology Research and Development Center in China, and immediately launched the research and development of 5.0MW offshore models. In 2012, it realized the grid-connected operation of the largest 5MW offshore unit in China, under operation for around 10 years. Its reliability and safety have been fully verified, and it provided rich experience for the subsequent research and development of new models of Haizhuang’s 6.2MW and other series models. Huaneng Rudong Baxianjiao project H151-5MW/H171-5MW is CSSC Haizhuang Windpower 's mature star offshore models in recent years.

3.3 World Record of Equivalent Hours of OffshoreWind Power in Class Ⅲ Wind Area

Put into operation for more than three years, CSSC Haizhuang Windpower's 20 units of 5MW performed well. In 2018, the 171-5MW model created a world record of 3800+hours in the offshore wind power category III wind area. The number of batch operation hours continued to be the first in the field, and the three-year average full delivery hours were 8.27% and 22.24% higher than other models in the field (according to public statistics).

4 Wind Turbine Core Technology

4.1 Key Technologies of 5MW Offshore Wind Turbine

In September 2019, CSSC Haizhuang Windpower's "Key Technologies and Industrialization of Efficient and Safe Offshore Wind Turbines" project won the first prize of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Award. The blade of China Haizhuang H171-5MW wind turbine is 83.6 meters long. The main beam used is carbon fiber vacuum infusion, the thickness and length of the main beam are the first in the world. It is also the lightest blade among 5MW blades in the world, with outstanding performance in wind energy absorption and load reduction.

4.2 Intelligent O&M

The Huaneng Baxianjiao project faced many practical operational problems such aslong distance from the shore, poor accessibility, complicated scheduling of personnel and materials, and variable weather for offshore operations. CSSC Haizhuang Windpower developed the LiGa intelligent operation and maintenance platform based on the self-developed LiGa big data platform, with functions such as remote real-time monitoring, remote expert support, automated reporting, log management, preventive maintenance, O&M path optimization, automatic O&M scheduling, and mobile handheld O&M management, realizing a high degree of digitization automation and intelligence to the on-sitemanagement.

4.3 Intelligent Control

An adaptive control method for offshore wind turbines based on multi-fieldcoupling is proposed. Which breaks through the pitch control of offshore wind turbines under multiple load excitation;

the yaw control based on the change of the angle between wind waves¤ts, and the collaborative control technology of wind turbines under multiple control objectives, to achieve the dynamic balance of power and load of the turbine, reduce the turbine limit and alternating load, the limit load of key components reduced more than 10%, and the power generation increased 3% to 4%.

4.4 Environmental Adaptability

The offshore series wind turbines of CSSC Haizhuang Windpower adopted technology of labyrinth seal, metal spraying, intelligent temperature control defeating salt, corrosion andcooling technologies. Which greatly improved the environment adaptability ofoffshore turbines. Meanwhile, organized the environmental adaptability design standards for offshore turbines, invented the multi-dimensional wind load adaptive control and fast start and stop technology to ensure the safety of wind turbine under typhoon conditions. The control system of 5MW platform passed the test of long-term offshore operation with good self-diagnosisability to achieve one-time positioning of electrical faults. Combined with the condition monitoring system, it can survey the hidden danger of turbines as early as possible, locate the fault or implement the remote/local switching of redundant components, so as to achieve planned and centralized shutdown and ensure the power generation. 
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