Guohua 600MW Big Base Project
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1. Basic Introduction

The Guohua Jingxia Project of China Haizhuang Xinjiang Division is located in the Gobi Desert, about 146km southeast of Hami City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.The site area is located between east longitude E: 94°48'~94°56', north latitude N: 41°56'~42°00', the altitude is between 1275 and 1385m, and the site development and utilization area is about 50 square kilometers, about 3km southwest of the site area is Lianhuo Expressway G30. The total capacity of the project is 600MW, installed 300 sets of KK system H111L-2.0MW. The construction start date is April 24, 2015, the first hoisting date is October 1, 2015, and the first commissioning date is December 11, 2016, the overall capacity was connected to the grid on December 24, 2016. The warranty period is January 15,2019. There are 30 Haizhuang after-sales maintenance staff there.


2. Operation Performance


MTBF/h (annual average MTBF)

Annual average availability rate

Equivalent hours

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3. Typical Points

3.1 Plain Terrain

The Guohua Jingxia project is located on the Gobi Desert about 146km southeast away from Hami city, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The altitude is between 1275 and1385m. It is the typical plain terrain with little fluctuation, low turbulence and low wind shear.

3.2 The Largest Project in a Single Phase

The owner of the project is Guohua(Hami) New Energy Co., Ltd., which issubordinated to Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd. The installed capacity ofthe project is 600MW with 300 units H111/2000L wind turbines produced by CSSCHaizhuang Windpower.

3.3 Mature 2MW Platform Products

In 2017,CSSC Haizhuang Windpower launched the 2.0MW model with a series wind turbine of H87-2MW, H93-2MW, H102-2MW, H111-2MW and H12X-2MW, the H111/2000L adopted in the project was the mature star model. The megawatt high-power wind turbinedesigned according to China’s wind energy resources can be used in harshenvironment such as snow, ice, sand, dust and low concentration salt fog.

3.4 The“Three North” Base

With the rapid development of wind power and the large-scale development of advantageous wind resource areas in the early stage, the "Three Norths" area became the origin of China's wind power industry, but also became area severely affected by wind curtailment and power limit. Under such circumstances, Guohua Jingxia South Wind Farm successfully continued to set new data records in 2018. Since China’s wind curtailment and power limit significantly eased, Jilin Province has also successfully "taken off its hat" after Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province, and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, turning red alert to green. The restart of the "Three Norths" has also become a major market for future wind power increments, and the successful experience of Guohua Jingxia will make a contribution to the development of "ThreeNorths" wind power.

4  Advantages

4.1 Multiple Records of the Industry and Owner

Not only it becomes the largest onshore wind power project in a single phase in China,but also a wind power project with the largest single capacity, the widest floor area (180 square kilometers), the largest supporting 220kV collection station, the largest 110kV booster station, the longest 35kV collection line and the longest site road invested by Guohua.

4.2 Record High of Power Generation

The power generation of the Guohua Jingxia South Wind Farm maintains a steady increase. In year 2018, when the average wind curtailment rate in Xinjiang reached 20%, facing an annual average wind speed of 6.13m/s, the annual power generation of 300 units reached 1.332 billion kWh, and the equivalent hour up to 2,220.

4.3 Better Operation

Guohua Jingxia South Wind Farm has 300 units of 2MW wind turbines in good operating condition, with an average annual utilization rate of 99.54%.

4.4 Turbines Technical Advantages

The project achieved a lot of innovation in the fields of "system integration,power generation increase, load reduction, external air duct design method and engine room design, and continuous technical improvement". The 2MW doubly-fed wind turbine got 4 series and 31 specifications, covering 50Hz/60Hz, 3 types of wind zones and normal temperature/low temperature, inland/coastal/high land and other application environments, the overall technology has reached the world advanced level of similar products, and continues to lead the direction of onshore wind turbine blade lengthening technology, made an important contribution to the wind power expand. It has declared 71 patents, authorized 39 items, 4 software copyrights, and 3 standards; obtained 58 test certifications from German GL and other institutions. In 2015, CSSC Haizhuang Windpower, whose sales products were all 2MW wind turbines, was the 10th in the world in terms of newly installed capacity, with an output value of over 10 billion yuan and driving local supporting facilities of over 3 billion yuan, H111-2MW ranked 8th among the wind turbines with the largest sales over the world.

5 Core Technology

5.1 Big Data, Better Superiority

Many potential problem can be reflected through big data with numbers of units and large date of Guohua Jingxia Project. Relying on the LiGa big data platform independently developed by CSCC Haizhuang Windpower, the project team analyzes the big data generated by the operation of the unit. A variety of intelligent operations such as group operation optimization, health management, intelligent operation and maintenance have been realized. Which can promote the preventive operation and maintenance.

5.2 Key Technology of 2MW Doubly-fed Wind Turbine

In June2016, CSCC Haizhuang Windpower's "2MW Doubly-Fed Wind Turbine Key Technology and Serial Products Industrialization" project was awarded the"Chongqing Science and Technology Award First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award" by the Chongqing Municipal People's Government. HZ111/2000L double-fed wind turbine blade from CSCC Haizhuang Windpower is 111 meters long. Which has direct advantages in wind collection and stable power generation.

5.3 Super Sub-synchronous Oscillation Suppression Technology

The performance of 300 units of HZ111/2000L wind turbines from CSCC Haizhuang Windpower has been verified in the practice of the Guohua Jingxia project. This model shows high stability when connected to the power grid system. With the exploitation of the wind power industry, the sub-synchronous oscillation caused by the large-scale grid-connected power generation of onshore wind turbines has seriously threatened the safe and stable operation of the power grid. In an accidental confrontation with the sub-synchronized oscillation phenomenon of the power grid in 2017, the Xinjiang Guohua Jingxia South Wind Farm turbines comprehensively suppressed the oscillation and achieved continuous and stablepower generation.

5.4 Intelligent Operation and Monitoring

After the wind farm put into operation, the whole field adopted the centralized control system of intelligent operation, measurement value, signal value, windpower prediction, wind turbine failure early warning... most data can be displayed on the centralized control system and operated remotely. In addition, UAV inspections, intelligent eye inspections, and the early warning system of CSSC Haizhuang Windpower’LiGa big data platform, making Guohua Jingxia South Wind Farm realized few people on duty, or even unattended, improved the farm management a lot.

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